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Welcome to After Dark Kreations

We are a high end tig welding shop. We work with ferrous and non ferrous materials. Steel, Stainless steel, 4130 chromoly, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper and bronze. Our capabilities are not limited to just tig welding, we are a full service fabrication shop including, CAD design, water jet, plasma cutting, machining, forming, brazing and mig. We also offer air ride and hydraulic installs. Best shop rates in Las Vegas.

Family run business

Hi my name is Rudy Krutka, owner of After Dark Kreations (ADK). Life long Las Vegas, NV local. My parents are extremely old fashioned and never put up with anything and I feel that's why I am the way I am today. Hard working and a man of my word.

I was a OTR driver for 10 years, my son had an extremely hard time with it at about 6 years of age, so the decision was made to come off the road. I needed a local job and those were scarce due to the economy. I ended up working in Tempe AZ at a production header shop. I worked for 3 year's fabricating and tig welding stainless steel headers and exhaust. Finally deciding to need to be closer to my family we moved back home to Las Vegas.

I ended up working for a local fabrication shop. I was still green and had a lot to learn. The 5 years I worked there I learned how to run, mig, dual shield, press brake, shearing, forming,  rolling, general fabrication, repairs as well as reading plans. This has all transformed me into what I am today.

After Dark Kreations was created almost 4 years ago with the desire to work for myself and produce quality products I could stand behind. My OCD drives consistency and the attention to detail. Every job gets treated the same from small to large.


Thank you for joining us and enjoy the ride......

Meet the Team

Welcome to the Mad house.

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